Catering Service
(70 Adults / 30 Kids)

•Guest Tables & Chairs w/ cover & motif
•Buffet set up w/ decoration
•5 Waiters in uniform for every 100 persons reservation
•Complete set of Utensils
•Flower or Balloon Arrangement per table
•FREE 1 Bilao Pansit

 Note: Different meal for the Kids


Balloon Decoration

•5 ft. Balloon Pillars (pair)
•Simple Cake Arch
•10 Centerpiece
•50 Balloonderitas
(According to theme)


Magician/ Host/ Game Master

•Party Host and Game Facilitator
•Human Puppet Talking Mask (Ventri Show)
•Balloon Twisting Show (each kid will have a balloon)
•30 mins. Magic Show (with live stocks and semi-illusions)
•15 mins. Interactive Magic (4 acts together with the celebrant, a boy, a girl, and an adult)


Birthday Cake

•8” Round Chocolate Chiffon themed cake
•With boiled icing
•With 30 pcs. cupcakes
•With cake tower



3 Hrs. Unlimited 4R Pictures with stand frame
•Free layout
•Canon print long lasting photos

Professional Face Painting

•3 Hrs. Unlimited Hypoallergenic Face Paints
•Body Glitters
•Presentable Table Setup
•1 Professional Face Painter, approachable, fast, and creates beautiful designs


Lights & Sounds

•Good for 50 – 120 persons
•4 pcs. MY Audio Powered Speaker
•1 pc. Soundcraft EFX8 Audio Mixing Console
•2 pcs. CD/ DVD Player
•1 pc. 2/31 Equalizer
•1 pc. Cross Over
•1 pc. Laptop for audio
•2 pcs. Wireless Microphone (DVON)
•8 pcs. LED par 3x54
•1 pc. DMX Controller
•1 pc. Light Switch Controller


30 pcs. Loot Bags w/ Candies & Toys


50 pcs. 4R Invites with white envelope, free layout


50 pcs .Game Prizes (20 minor prizes


Pinata with Candies and Coins


With on the Day Coordination

•Maximum of 2 meetings
•Over all Management of the reception
•1 Event Manager
•1 Guest Registration Staff



1 pc 100cm Party Popper
30 pcs Party Hats
30 pcs Photo Sticker Name Tags